Coherent ultrafast lasers

ACQ4 supports Coherent laser devices with all of the features provided by the generic Laser device class. Additionally, serial commuication to the laser driver is supported with the following features:

  • Monitoring of onboard output power reporting

  • Wavelength control

  • Dispersion correction control

Configuration Options

Example configuration:

    driver: 'CoherentLaser'
    port: 9
    baud: 19200
    scope: 'Microscope'
    pulseRate: 90*MHz                      ## Laser's pulse rate
        device: 'DAQ'
        channel: '/Dev1/ao1'
        type: 'ao'
        device: 'DAQ'
        channel: '/Dev1/line31'           ## channel for triggering shutter
        type: 'do'
        delay: 30*ms                      ## how long it takes the shutter to fully open
    defaultPowerMeter: 'NewportMeter'
    calibrationWarning: 'Filter in?'
        pCell: 100*mV
        #channel: 'DAQ', 'Dev1/ao2'

Manager Interface

Task Runner Interface