Trigger Devices

Triggers are very simple devices that do nothing more than assign a device name to a particular PFI input channel on the DAQ. This allows tasks to be executed that require a particular input line to be activated before starting.

Note that other devices (cameras in particular) define their own triggering capabilities; it is not necessary to define a separate trigger device in such cases.

Configuration Options

Example configuration for a foot switch connected to a DAQ PFI. The switch can then be used to trigger the start of a task.

FootSwitch:            # the name "FootSwitch" will appear in the list of
                       # trigger sources in the NiDAQ TaskRunner interface
    driver: 'Trigger'
        DAQ: '/Dev1/PFI5'  # This line specifies that the device named "DAQ" can listen
                           # for triggers from "FootSwitch" on its channel "/Dev1/PFI5"

Task Runner Interface

Trigger devices do not implement a TaskRunner interface. However, the NiDAQ device task interface allows to select a trigger device.